Dear Carolyn,

I don’t behave the words to thank you properly for this remarkable heart/soul/spirit outpouring. I had just finished v watching, for the second time back to back “Nothing Compares” documentary, and all day I have been listening to Sinead’s CDs, all of them. I am broken by her death. I saw her probably less than two years ago in L.A. in a small venue. She was breathtaking. My strongest memory was of her luminous smile and her final song “thank you for hearing me.” It was stunning and chilling and the silence in the small theatre was...total, the tears also were flowing everywhere I looked.

There were so many connections and similarities, in the documentary, to my life as a Very Catholic girl in a deeply abusive home that I could barely breathe with it all. Universal Mother. There was no famine. I had forgotten that I had read that somewhere some years ago! It just rolled off and away from me! Your Substack penetrated that dissociation...and other dissociations as well.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am very much anticipating your book! I’m remembering certain glimmers from first meeting you and even first hearing of you from my sister Shar. Things are returning. There is not enough gratitude, thanks, sorrow, grief for Sinead as her life and death open my own floodgates.

With Profound Thanks,


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Dear Sue, Thank you for this beautiful note! Please forgive my slow reply, I've been teaching the last several days. I remember you of course through Deena and Shar. And last week you and I were on the same wavelength, listening to Sinéad over and over and grieving. How incredible that you saw her perform at a small venue only two years ago! Thank you for sharing that moment and that vision of her. Yes, gratitude, sorrow, grief for Sinéad and all her beauty and grace in the midst of profound suffering. Thank you for reaching out. In these times, we are all holding each other when the floodgates open. I hold you in sisterhood and admiration, Carolyn

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