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I am Carolyn Brigit Flynn, a poet, essayist and teacher based in Santa Cruz, CA. All of my work is dedicated to language as a pathway to renewed life and deepening soul and spirit, with a dedication to the earth, the lives of all the planet’s creatures, and an affiliation with dreams, synchronicity, ancestors, the divine feminine, poetry, history, healing and resilience. I often write about Ireland and my perspective as an Irish American.

I have just completed The Light of Ordinary Days, an intimate book about my journey to reclaim my ancestral Irish homeland as well as my own soul, which I plan to release next year. My poetry collection Communion: In Praise of the Sacred Earth was published in 2014.  I am the editor of Sacred Stone, Sacred Water: Women Writers and Artists Encounter Ireland (2019), and a popular anthology Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women (2009).

I teach creative writing groups called "Writing to Feed the Soul,” work which I adore. I began in 1997, expanding over time into writing retreats and intensives, as well as tours and retreats in Ireland called “Landscape of Soul and Story.” All of my teaching was fostered through studying with the brilliant Deena Metzger, whose Substack you can find here.

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Writing on nature, soul, life, family, love, spirit, dreams, poetry, history, synchronicity and resilience. I often write about Ireland and my perspective as an Irish American.


Carolyn Brigit Flynn is a poet, essayist & writing teacher. She is author of poetry collection Communion, editor of three literary anthologies, and has just completed a memoir about Ireland, The Light of Ordinary Days. Carolyn lives Santa Cruz, CA.